Our Approach

However you attract your next employee, one thing is certain, the competition has never been so tough.


The CIPD’s Labour Market Outlook: Autumn 2021, reports that whilst employment confidence is high, recruitment difficulties are increasing in parallel. Almost half (47%) of employers reported “hard to fill” vacancies this quarter, compared with 39% last quarter.



We all know the impacting factors; COVID, Brexit, The Future of Work, with this leaving so many challenges for employers to contend with. Now, more than ever  employers need to fight to secure the best talent. So, where is the best talent and how do you find it?



The best people are busy, working hard and contributing, not applying to jobs! According to LinkedIn, active candidates make-up just 25% of the UK talent market, yet this is where most businesses will find their future employees.

At Appoint Consulting we insist on finding the best candidates, the best in terms of skills and competencies, and the best fit with your culture, values and ethics. The best for your business.


To maintain these standards, we work with active and passive candidates. We invest our time in building networks, so that when you need the best for your business, we know who to call.


We meet all of our candidates face to face, we test their skills, we get to know them, we are clear on their values and ethics. We know what they want. We bring the right people together, linking perfect people with perfect positions.


Working in partnership with our clients, we want to know all about your business so we meet all of our clients face to face too. We want to see your office, meet your team and understand why your company is so great to work for.


This is key in maintaining your reputation with candidates in the market and protecting your employer value proposition. Your employees are your most valuable assets, you have to get recruitment right.